Philip Ferri The First CCO of Maxima Enforcement

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The strategic designation of Filippo Ferri as its CCO by Maxima Enforcement is aimed at strengthening its business operations. online casino Out of the business headquarters in Barcelona, Ferri will be based.

Antonio Zanghi, CEO of Maximum Compliance said Filippo would provide the team with years of gaming experience. best Singapore online casino Over 15 years in the area Ferri’s expertise covers GLI, Evolution Gaming, and Inspired Gaming positions. He has been a director of igaming strategies and new products for BMM Tetslabs for more than 3 years.

The hiring process

Gamble, Slot, Machine, Casino, ChanceThe hiring of Ferri is part of the fast development of Maxima. The transfer follows Paola Menachem’s hiring last December as Director of Regulation and Licensing. As a gaming lawyer for leading suppliers such as Omilia, the Zeal Group, Smithfield Partners and Intralot, she has extensive experience. As a regulatory and licencing pioneer, it will penetrate new markets and keep current ones smooth. Zanghi said Ferri’s first CCO will be supervising business activities, while the firm undertakes strategic steps to grow worldwide. He said that Maxima would be added to his skills.

Continues Growth Story

Maxima collaborated with PlayStarCasino this year as well as Gaming1 sportsbook operator. The firm has demonstrated its new operation Maxima Quality Assurance.

Maxima Compliance launched its Maximum Quality Assurance service last month to simplify the deployment of games. The service guarantees that every demand without any problems reaches the commodity. Developers should streamline the production of their products and ensure they are ready for certification. The QA does not guarantee programme problems and aims at conformity with authority. QA is available globally to retailers.

He said that Maxime rose quickly in recent years. Ferri spoke on his hiring. He said and added that he is delighted that the group is joining and that it is a part of a phenomenal success storey as it is unfolding.

“This is a very interesting new move for Maxima Compliance,” said Antonio Zanghi, CEO of Maxima Compliance, because it helps us to use our skills to support partners to optimise the development of games in jurisdictions worldwide. For some time developers have been requesting this kind of service and Maxima Quality Assurance would transform the way they sell games.”

Unforeseen problems that only occur when a game is submitted to testing laboratory will hinder you, drain a lot of money, and eventually reach your ends. Francesco Bianchi, COO Maxima Compliance, added: We will not only help you streamline processes by designing your goods alongside maximum quality assurance.

Quality assurance 

Poker, Cards, Card Game, CasinoMaximum Quality Assurance includes several test scripts to ensure a commodity has no challenge on the market. The Maxima team performs a complete, working game QA to ensure that the target jurisdictions do not have technical issues or full enforcement.

Content studios will simplify their production methods to guarantee that goods are certifiable well before being submitted to a research laboratory. Maxima Quality Assurance is a multinational service for suppliers all over the world who rely on the expertise of Maxima Compliance in all regulated markets.

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