YO! Home by Simon Woodroffe

I currently live in a 3 rooms apartment. It is a pretty cozy flat, and I’m quite pleased with it, not too small, and not too big (although my wife keeps bugging me, that we need to move to a bigger place, since we have 2 daughters). I remember that in my student days, I used to live in small apartments, and had to fit all of my furniture and belongings into a very small space. Finding clever solutions and thinking of ways to maximize the arrangement of things, became a second nature. My solutions at those times, doesn’t even come close to the new YO! Home project, designed by Simon Woodroffe. His compact space, luxury apartment prototype project, is simply ingenious.

The idea for the YO! Home project, is based on Simons belief, that space is a premium product, and something that is slowly disappearing. Simon says that “In the future, people will look back and question why we used to be so wasteful with property space!“. He also wanted to create a luxury apartment space at an affordable price, so that all people can enjoy the advantages of luxury living.

The Project is at its 2nd prototype phase, where it tries to make the most within a limited space. The overall size is around 40 square-meters, which is the size of a ‘normal’ studio apartment. Right now, 24 apartments are planned to be built in the near future.