I believe the internet is the greatest invention of the modern times. It allows people to connect, and be exposed, to things they were not able to see and know before it. ilikethesepixels was created in order to showcase great stuff around the net, and bring to the front, things that should get us inspired.

My name is Yair Katz, and ilikethesepixels is my attempt, to bring to the front what I think is interesting and inspiring. You can expect to see a lot of design related materials, multidisciplinary art & performance, but not only, you will also read about innovative technologies and tech related posts, useful tools and many other things, that I think are worth mentioning. I will try not to limit to any particular subject, but rather expose you, my readers, to everything I think is amazing

I believe that all around us people create great things, and that everyone should enjoy them, even memes are a welcome. When I say I like them pixels, I mean in every possible way. Everything that has a digital presence online, I wish to share with you.

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you feel you want to share something, or you have any constructive suggestions for improvement of the site.